Ontario Organic Garlic Price List 2012

We will be harvesting and curing our garlic during the month of August.

We have 14 exciting varieties available this year.

1) Sicilian Garlic
2) Ukranian Garlic
3) Russian Garlic
4) Portugal Azores (Limited)
5) Italian Music (Limited)
6) Siberian Purple hardneck (Limited)
7) Irkutsk Siberian (Limited) 8) Siberian garlic (Limited)
9) Music (Limited)
10) Elephant Garlic (Limited)
11) Persian Garlic
12) Italian Garlic
13) Tibetan Garlic
14) Yukoslavian Garlic


Large bulbs – $3
Medium bulbs – $2
Small bulbs – $1

Bulk Price:

1 lbs – $12
10 lbs or more – $10
50 lbs or more – $ Call

These garlic are grown organically using natural compost. We use straw mulch for weed control. All seeds hand planted and harvested.

We are selling out fast. Contact us right away to book your order.


4 Responses to “Ontario Organic Garlic Price List 2012”

  1. Ahmed says:

    How can i buy 1lb large bulb ontario garlic? I would like to plant mine and would love some recommendations from you. I havent tried diff varity in our food. flavor would be my choice. thanks!

  2. Sue housler says:

    Do you ship garlic to US. This is just for personal use.

  3. Betty Rolfe says:

    I am looking for some elephant garlic to plant this fall. Do you know where I might find some?

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